Feelings are such a twisted thing, i almost forgot how complicated and simple at the same time those things are. 
Making you feel in heaven in one moment and all alone with melancholy in an other… and all in all vulnerable like a little kid but so happy to be so.
Damn i get sentimental at times! And this is the perfect soundtrack for today’s mood.


I know, I have just disappeared for a while; lost followers, skipped updates, unanswered inboxes,… sad to say but that’s what happens to me when real life just gets so exciting and interesting and i just CAN’T spend my time on the pc all day. 
No willing to sound like an asshole, but at the same time i just realized i didn’t even make any effort to keep up with my tumblr page,.. also just opened my old blog again and.. AHAHAH haven’t updated that one in over a year! I should just take it down at some point. But see, I’m just much of a different person right now, or actually thinking about it, i’m just the same old bitchy motherfucker as always, just growing up made me understand myself better and so now i can say i enjoy life way more than i used to in my own true way. 
Such a long topic to be summed up on a tumblr post and what is coming out of it is just a ‘stream of consciousness’ instead of some real talks ahah i’m sorry people.

To answer quickly to some inboxes: 
- yes i broke up with my ex boyfriend
- thank you for the birthday wishes 
- at the moment i’m living in Budapest but i’m in vaction in Rome

ps. the picture is from my roadtrip in the Balcans, precisely from Vodopad Kravice - Bosnia and Herzegovina.