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Anonymous asked:
what band do you most like?

super tough question right there. Depends on the mood mostly, but i’ll try to reply anyways: 
My first love was Deep Purple ( weird huh?! ahahah ) 
my regular favorites are Carcass and Dying Fetus 
I also have a special thing for the Misfits, but that’s a personal issue.

oh and slayer also, but that’s a classic

overall in general though those are my faves but weirdly it is not what i listen to the most, on the playlist there’s usually death metal, brutal, some slam, grindcore, old school stuff… let’s say stuff like Sinister, Napalm Death and Haemorrhage.
just as well as some days i go soft and also a little rockabilly from time to time ahahahha so as you see it isn’t really an easy question there. 

If ya wanna know more, just ask :D